Meet Our GuideS

Meet Derek

Derek first Dublin Secret Street tour guide

Meet Derek, the first member of our team and a co-founder of Secret Street Tours.

As a native of the Liberties, Derek has a wealth of experience and stories to share about one of Dublin’s most vibrant and colourful neighbourhoods. Derek worked in homeless services for many years before experiencing homelessness first hand.

Derek is passionate about all things art and believes this passion is what helped him through some of his lowest points. Derek is excited to be part of the Secret Street Tours team and is looking forward to sharing his story with you.

The next step in Derek’s journey will be to follow his passion of art into further education.

Behind every statistics there are many stories that people have to tell, there’s hurt, there’s pain, there’s so much attached to homelessness that you don’t generally get an opportunity to speak about...
— Derek

Meet Shane

Shane on his Smithfield walking tour.

Meet Shane, our second Secret Street Tour Guide

Shane’s a Cork native who has lived in Dublin for the past 11 years. He has an intimate knowledge of the Smithfield area, having once called these streets home.

Shane discovered Secret Street Tours when reading the paper one day and noticing his friend, Derek. As he read on he thought to himself, “‘Jesus, I have a story as well if people want to hear it’.”

Since working with us, Shane has honed his storytelling skills and is excited about the opportunity to reconnect with society after spending 7 long years in the isolating world of homelessness.

Shane’s hopes for the future are to further his education and have a place to call home, where he can bring up his son from Cork to watch a bit of tv.

If you’d like to follow Derek and Shane foot steps and become our next guide, please feel free to reach out to us.